Surviving the First Year of College

bfsCollege can be tough, especially for freshmen coming in to a new environment. It can be overwhelming living alone for the first time, and the freedom combined with responsibility can prove to be a heady mix. Many have crumbled under the pressure of the first-year of college, but you don’t have to. Start by investing some time in becoming organized. Buy a planner, download an app, and mark your calendars, as this can save so much time in the long run. Keep your space organized and you won’t waste time looking for lost things, or forgetting that a ten-page paper is due tomorrow.

Organization can help you stay ahead, which is another important aspect of success as a college freshman. With the freedom of college, it can be easy to leave assignments and studying to the last minute, which can and will catch up with you. Instead, use your new-found organization skills to stay ahead of the curve. Beat procrastination and do things as soon as you can after they’re assigned. This will help with your grades, as well as ease up a lot of stress in your mind.

Speaking of stress, it’s important to find activities outside of the lecture hall that you can focus on. This will help you deal with stress, and make your quality of life better overall during this time of transition. Join a club, make some friends, and make sure you include some time to party and blow off some steam. If you find that school work is just taking up too much of your time, head on over to Unemployed Professors. They specialize in letting you not neglect your important social life.