Stay Fit This Fall


Summer is almost over, and that means fall keggers, pumpkin spice everything, and tailgating with wings, shots, and carbs. Packing on the pounds gets easier the more we cover up with clothes, and before we know it, we can’t fit into our summer daisy dukes for the Halloween party. Here are some tips on how to avoid the cool weather weight gain that inevitably seems to creep up:

1. Make it a skinny: Fall beverages are part of the allure of the cooler months. Nothing is cozier than drinking a sugary, creamy concoction with extra whip cream on a dark fall night. Buyer beware; those drinks are loaded with calories, making them a deceptively effortless way to see the number on the scale rise. Try not to drink your calories this fall, you’re going to need them.

2. Get a hobby: Many outdoor activities are more challenging during the cooler and shorter fall day, making sedentary evenings on the couch with snacks a viable option. Don’t fall into this trap; instead of Netflix and chill, rediscover your love of reading, drawing, or music.

3. Pick up the pace: chilly days mean warm cars, as people avoid walking outside in lieu of an automotive journey. Instead of driving, walk where you can, bundling up in the process. Activity in cold weather is especially effective in weight loss since the body expends more calories warming itself. So, instead of buckling in this fall, go for a walk, or better yet a jog outside; and if you find that schoolwork is robbing you of exercise time, make sure you visit Unemployed Professor to get some much needed free-time.

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