Should College Education be Free?

banner3-300X250One of the most expensive things most people will ever pay for is a college education. Gone are the days when people could live comfortably with a high school education, and the competition for jobs is fierce. Careers are requiring more advanced degrees than ever before, and tuition rates are higher than they have ever been. Most people are not blessed with families who are able to pay for an entire college degree, which puts students in a stressful situation. Astronomical student loans are burdening people, making it hard to build a comfortable life after the completion of a degree. People today lead incredibly stressful lives, and college tuition just piles on to the sources of anxiety. This is why college education should be free. It would allow for everyone to achieve the level of education they want, which can only benefit society. Having a society filled with highly educated people can help progress, as education can be seen as an overwhelmingly beneficial thing. It can broaden not only academic knowledge, but encourage diversity and social tolerance, as more people could experience different interactions. All fields will benefit, as students will be given the resources they need to reach their full potential by facilitating access to creativity, communication, and information.  Because of high tuition rates, fewer students come from low-income families, and the economic gap becomes wider. Student loan debt is proving overwhelming for a large portion of the population, burdening degree holders.

Although universal free education is an ideal, making education more affordable could also be a good way to unburden society in a lot of ways. Institutionalized changes as momentous as this will have a lasting effect on society, and often are done in degrees. The burden it would have on the government is hard to predict, but long term it would have a clear benefit on society. This benefit, in turn, would manifest as general progress in all facets of society. Also, this type of change can inspire progress with other areas, including medicine. Everyone has the right to education; it is the only way to continue advancement and eradicate ignorance. There are some areas who have instituted a free community college recently, and so far, there’s been a high demand of faculty to work in these colleges. Free college not only benefits students, but it provides jobs for educators. Although initial costs may seem daunting, the overall economic benefit of free college education will be positive. In addition to the economy, free education will have a beneficial psychological effect on the population. Money is a highly stressful part of life for many people, and student loans provide their fair share of anxiety for a large portion of the population. If education were free, people would be less stressed, and stress has a direct correlation to health issues and general lower quality of life. Basically, if college were free, society would be smarter, richer, happier, and healthier. The pros far outweigh any cons, and making education free should be one of society’s priorities.

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