Overcoming Winter Lethargy

Winter is in full force, and overcoming the bitter doldrums associated with this frigid season is proving to be a constant battle. Low energy, sickness, and stationary lifestyles are rampant in winter, and sometimes this combination can add stress to an already hectic life. If you find that winter sometimes sucks all the energy out of you, have no fear; there are steps you can take to not only make your winter more productive, but more enjoyable as well.banner728X90-2

  1. Get a hobby: Winter is the perfect time to explore activities that may have interested you in the past, but you’ve never had the time to learn. With the cold temperatures and short days, this season is a wonderful time to explore hobbies like knitting, painting, winter sports, or even just pick up a book by a new author you’ve been curious about. Boredom often creates a cycle of complacency, which can result in far too many unproductive hours in front of the TV or computer. Pick up a new hobby today, and your days exploring a creative new path will be all the more rewarding.
  2. Be active: Winter’s cold and short days lend themselves to excuses for inactivity; it’s either too cold, too dark, or any other variation of weather blaming, which results in a markedly lower activity rate for many people. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of fantastic winter sports and activities, both outdoor and indoor, that are not only fun, but improve your health. Getting adequate exercise improves all aspects of health, and can certainly offset the sedentary lifestyle that often emerges in winter. There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your day during the winter, including: joining a gym, doing online workouts at home, and outdoor activities like hiking and cross-country skiing. Remember, it’s especially important in the winter to be prepared for any outdoor activity, so don’t forget to keep hydrated and wear appropriate clothing. Being physically active in the winter is an excellent way to start on that summer beach-body, and to overcome the winter stagnation with progress and improved health.
  3. Improve your surroundings: The characteristics of winter often lead to depleted energy levels, which can leave your motivation to do non-necessary activities waning. One thing that suffers is housework: often the last thing you want to do when coming in from the cold is deep clean the house and fold five loads of laundry. Since you’ll be spending more time indoors during the winter, it’s important to make your home a place you enjoy. Spend some extra time cleaning, or do some decorating, you’ll find that your organization and sense of peace will improve. This is especially true of students, who often have to juggle several classes and dozens of assignments, and improving their living area is ignored. Websites like Unemployed Professors can help with that by taking on some of those assignments and projects, freeing up some of your time to do the things in this list. A healthy and happy winter is an excellent start to the New Year, and it is never too early, or late, to make is an amazing season for you.