Grades in college: Do they matter?

banner1tempLots of people wonder if striving for excellent grades in college affects the rest of their life at all. After all, depending on whom you ask, “B’s (Or C’s, or D’s) get degrees.” However, did you know that a low GPA can also affect your lifetime earnings? A 2014 study of pay data and college GPA’s found dramatic differences among different GPA’s. For investment banking professionals three years into their career, a 2.8 or lower GPA correlated with an average salary of $65,000 USD. Those with a GPA of 2.9 to 3.1 earned an average of $77,700. Meanwhile, those with A grades earned an average of $115,700. Although this study relied on self-reported data and on a fairly specific career, it highlights the importance of a good GPA in earning a good salary.

Although there’s scant data, GPA can also impact hiring, especially for entry-level jobs. Imagine you’re working in human resources management and have two nearly identically qualified job applicants: Both have the same degree from the same school, similarly good references, excellent cover letters and resumes (Those are things Unemployed Professors can help you with, by the way!), and both interviewed well. The only difference? One applicant has a GPA in the 2.8 to 3.1 range, and the other boasts of a GPA in the 3.2 to 3.8 range. Which do you think they will hire? That’s a rhetorical question. The same situation applies to graduate school applications as well. A great GPA won’t necessarily get you in the door to your dream job or into grad school, but a mediocre one can be used to rule you out.

Grades matter. Even if you get nothing out of a make-work, time-wasting class other than the credits on your transcript, unfortunately the grade you earn has an undue impact on your future. Yeah, nobody will carve your GPA on your tombstone, but the grades you get have meaning. When you’re stuck with an impossible-to-please pedant of a professor, what can you do to maximize your chances of success? Obviously, you can study 24/7 – but who has time for that with other classes, jobs, and personal obligations? That’s why Unemployed Professors exists. We’re your personal tutors, with advanced degrees in everything you can imagine – and experience writing in even more. Unlike the competition, we’re the real deal, with vetted, verified academic credentials and teaching experience.  If you’re worried about your GPA and ready to invest in your future, let Unemployed Professors help. Post your college project now!